We are the Lucia Fest children’s choir that performs at Dania Home, the Danish Lutheran Church, and the Scandinavian Cultural Centre in Burnaby BC.

We sing in Danish and in English, but we welcome anyone aged 4-15 who wants to join (you don’t need to speak Danish or be Scandinavian).

This site is to keep current participants up to date, as well as to provide info for new folks on how to get involved.


About Lucia

The Lucia tradition is based on the story of a young Italian woman who was a devout Christian in the 4th Century CE. Practicing Christianity was forbidden in the Roman Empire at that time. Lucia was generous and helpful to Christians who were in hiding from the Roman authorities. It is said that Lucia, in order to keep her hands free for handing out food and clothing, lit her way wearing candles in a wreath on her head. Lucia was sainted by the Catholic Church for her generosity toward the poor, hungry and sick, and because she wouldn’t give up her Christian faith. The red ribbon the Lucia bride wears symbolizes martyrdom.

No one is entirely sure how the legend of St. Lucia reached Scandinavia, but it is likely that tales of Lucia were carried to Sweden by Vikings and early missionaries. In communities across Scandinavia, children dressed in white and led by a Lucia “bride” gather in processionals, visiting hospitals and seniors’ homes where they sing and bring homemade foods to “light” the lives of others. The name “Lucia” means “light.” In these short, dark days of December, the traditions of Lucia make it an uplifting festival of illumination and generosity.

Your Choir Directors

Alison and Andrea Wardrop (sisters), have been serving as volunteer choir directors for the Lucia choir since 2014.
Before that, they both participated as singers from the ages of about 4 to 16.


Interested in joining? Contact us here.

2019 Program Information

We will perform at Dania Home on Sunday November 24th (this performance is for Dania Home residents and guests only).

Our performance at the Danish Lutheran Church will take place on Saturday December 7th. For more information on this performance, click here.

We will perform at the Scandinavian Cultural Centre on Friday December 13thInformation about this performance at the hasn’t been posted on their calendar yet, but we will post a link for information on that show as soon as it’s available.